Trailer and Truck Wood Flooring – Apitong

Trailer and Truck Specialists use Apitong Hardwood



KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing)™
KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing)™


Servicing the US transportation industry for Trailer and Truck flooring, Kayu® International is a name highly regarded in the transportation industry. We are a Direct Importer of Hardwood Trailer and Truck Flooring and deliver 100% authentic Apitong from SE Asia.

All of our wood at kayu® is carefully select Hardwood from SE Asia; the result of over 30 years of extensive worldwide importing of hardwoods for the US and Canadian markets. We offer the highest quality hardwoods from exotic hardwoods used for home and commercial construction and home improvements, to our purpose-focused Trailer and Truck Flooring – KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing)™.

KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing)™
KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing)™

The Transportation Industry in US and Canada Relies on 

Kayu® International


It is essential to purchase the right hardwood for your trailer and truck flooring. Apitong is the leading hardwood in use today for trailer and truck flooring do to its Interlocking grain, which provides strength up to two times that of oak.

Our 100% authentic KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing) ™ is a carefully selected hardwood which is of the highest quality Keruing / Apitong hardwoods available in today’s market. Because we are a direct importer, KAYU® has an extremely competitive price structure, resulting in an overall excellent value.

We are based in US, offering the most favorable shipping and logistic care, as well as constant forecasting and monitoring of our US and Canadian inventory.


Highly regarded for its low maintenance, longevity and durability, Apitong can sustain even in the most severe conditions. Naturally impervious to decay, insects and mold, even in extreme environments.

Apitong is a Proven Performer in the Transportation Industry


Our Warehouses on the West and East Coast are stocked year round. We carry a large inventory of KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing)™ that is ready to be shipped to your location.

Our customers in the transportation industry use KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing) ™ for constructing and building everything from horse trailer flooring, semi-truck decks to custom design trailers. Also replacements of truck and trailer flooring.

Trailer and Truck Wood Flooring - Apitong KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing)™
Trailer and Truck Wood Flooring – Apitong KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing)™

Apitong (Keruing) ™ is a perfect hardwood for uses such as:

  • Horse Trailer Flooring
  • Horse Carrier Flooring
  • Big Rig Truck Decking
  • Semi-Trailer
  • Truck Floors
  • Truck Bodies
  • Railroad Cars and Flatcars
  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Platform Trailers
  • Shiplap Decks
  • Stake Bodies
  • Rough Truck Decks
  • Drop Deck Trailers
  • Low Boy Trailer Decks
  • Dry Vans
  • Containers
  • Bodies and Reefers
  • Custom Design Trailers
  • Restoration Truck Decking
  • Industrial S4S E4E Applications


Call us for a  local Kayu ® Distributor in your area.

Decking delivered directly to your home or work site across the US and Canada


Kayu® International, Inc.
11117 SW Greenburg Road, Tigard, Oregon 97223


[pl_label type=”info”]Toll Free: (888) 558-5298[/pl_label]

[pl_label type=”info”]Local: (503) 557-7296[/pl_label]

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