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Truck Decking Specialists use Keruing Hardwood

Truck and Trailer Flooring
Truck and Trailer Flooring

Kayu ® International is a Direct Importer of hardwood trailer decking, from shiplap and rough lumber, to custom specialty patterns. We serve the U.S. transportation industry for truck and trailer decking and deliver Keruing throughout the U.S. and Canada. For over 30 years, Steve Wilson, president and owner of Kayu International has led the Kayu Team, importing Keruing and the highest quality hardwoods. From exotic hardwoods used for commercial construction and the home improvement industry, to our purpose-focused Truck Decking – Keruing wood.

Truck & Trailer Decking Delivered Directly to your Home or Work Site

across the U.S.A. and Canada

Buy Direct from the Source

One of the world’s largest and longest serving Direct Importers of Hardwood; Kayu ® International. Inc., provides KAYU ® Keruing  for our customers.  Importing 100% authentic Keruing / Apitong wood imported directly  from  South East Asia. Our KAYU Team of mill graders in SE Asia, provide all our inspections of wood; they have decades of training in the wood industry. We understand the importance of the woods quality and manufacturing process intricacies.

The Transportation Industry in USA and Canada

Relies on KAYU ® International    

Keruing is the leading hardwood in use today for truck and trailer decking. Offering the best durability,  life expectancy and value.  With a Janka Side Harness as much as two times that of White Oak, these tropical hardwoods will perform in the toughest conditions.

Why is Keruing used for Trailer Decking?

When you choose – Apitong – Keruing decking you can look forward to a hard wearing floor that is designed to last.  This type of wood has been used for surface in trucks for more than a half of a century and has become an extremely popular choice among truck owners who want something that is durable, strong and still affordable.

One of the many benefits that KAYU ® Keruing wood offers is that it is low to zero maintenance. This species of wood can be used for any type of outdoor Truck decking without having to worry about its after effects. If you are looking for resilience, then Kayu ® Keruing wood should be the choice for you, since it is also very strong and durable.

Many of our customers also use KAYU ® Keruing Apitong for heavy construction and industrial decking, docks and warehouses.

KAYU customer upgrading their fleet of trucks with KAYU ® Keruing / Apitong

In Stock & Ready to Ship (and plenty more where that came from)


·         Apitong / Keruing Dark Brown in color, 100% Natural.

·         Withstands the rigors of harsh climates in Tropical and Frozen winters.

·         Resistant to Decay, Insects, and Mold.

·         Reliable for Low-Maintenance, Longevity and Durability.

·         Extremely Dense and Class ‘A fire rating.

·         Sourced only from countries that are leaders in Ecological Sustainable Forestry Practices.

·         Carefully selected Imported Hardwood

·         Interlocking grain provides up to twice the Strength and Durability of Oak

·         Competitive pricing Structure

For over 30 years, Steve Wilson, president and owner of Kayu International has imported the highest quality hardwoods into the U.S. and Canada – from exotic hardwoods for the commercial construction and home improvement industry, to our purpose-focused truck decking – Keruing wood, making three (3) annual trips to SE Asia every year.

Stocked with a large supply of KAYU ® Keruing / Apitong wood for your truck and trailer decking needs. Some of our most popular Keruing – Apitong Trailer and Truck Deck wood selections include:

Tie Down Slats
Rough Lumber
Proven to Perform – KAYU ®  Keruing / Apitong

 Keruing / Apitong is Durable

You can rely on Keruing – Apitong because it’s a durable wood that can handle the rough and tough needs of a truck and trailer deck. Neither fungi nor termite will attack Keruing – The spiral interlocking grain durability is one main popular characteristic of why experts in the industry prefer and use it for truck decking or for that matter any kind of outdoor industrial decking purpose.

Keruing / Apitong Offers an Attractive Look

The Keruing – Apitong wood is mostly a dark brown in color. It has a fairly smooth texture with medium luster. All in all, it offers a perfect look.

  • Common uses for Keruing (Apitong) Hardwood Trailer Decking
    Semi-trailer or Big Rig Truck Decking
    Truck Floors, Truck Body
    Railroad cars and flatcars
    Flatbed Trailers
    Platform Trailer
    Shiplap Decks
    Stake Bodies
    Rough Truck Decks
    Drop Deck Trailer
    Low Boy Trailer Deck
    Dry Vans
    Bodies and Reefers
    Custom Design Trailers
    Restoration Truck Decking
    Industrial S4S E4E applications
    Railway Ties
    Telephone Pole Cross Arms

Why Buy from KAYU ® International?

Apitong – Keruing Indonesia .  Sorting at KAYU Mills



Contact the KAYU wood experts for samples and pricing

Why Buy KAYU ® International?  One of the largest and longest serving wood decking specialist of the world, Kayu ® International. Inc. provides KAYU ® Keruing  for our customers.  KAYU ® International uses authentic Keruing / Apitong wood imported only from the South East Asian countries. Asian KAYU mill graders, provide all our inspections of wood and have decades of training in the wood industry.  The KAYU team understands the importance of the woods quality, and precise manufacturing care. With this level of experience and success you can be reassured that you will be getting the products you need and the service you deserve. `

Kayu ® International, Inc. has large inventories in Canada and U.S. on both the West and East Coast.  We are ready to ship!

For more information about Kayu ® International, Inc. and the services/products we offer, you can visit our official website through this link or Based in the USA we can offer you with the best solutions possible at affordable prices.


Truck & Trailer Decking Delivered Directly to your Home or Work Site across the U.S.A and Canada.


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