Trailer Decking Specialists use Keruing

Trailer Decking Specialists use Keruing Hardwoods  – Trailer and Truck Decking Repair

Keruing is the leading hardwood in use today for truck and trailer decking. Kayu International is a wholesaler of hardwood trailer decking, from shiplap and rough lumber, to custom specialty patterns. We serve the U.S. transportation industry for truck and trailer decking and deliver Keruing throughout the U.S. and Canada. For over 30 years, Kayu International has imported the highest quality hardwoods into the U.S. – from exotic hardwoods for the commercial construction and home improvement industry, to our purpose-focused trailer decking – Keruing wood.

Kayu International Always in Stock and Ready to Ship (and plenty more where that came from)

We’re always stocked with a large supply of Kayu Keruing wood for your trailer decking supply needs. Any size, any quantity, any cut, shipped to any state. Some of our most popular Keruing – Apitong Trailer and Truck Deck wood selections include:

  • S4S
  • E4E
  • Shiplap
  • Bullnose
  • Tie Down Slats
  • Rough Lumber

Call us for a quote.  We are ready to ship directly from our Warehouse to you.


Truck Decking
President, Steve Wilson, performing personal Inspections of wood. SE Asia March 2014


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