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KAYU ® Keruing – Apitong Truck Decking

Truck Decking Trailer Decking Flatbed Decking KAYU International, Inc. with over 20 continuous years of successful business is a globally recognized leader of premium, imported hardwood decking, Truck and Trailer Decking. KAYU buys direct from the source in SE Asia, we specialize in providing custom patterns and sizes at the best prices and delivered to you. Offering our customers highest quality and prices for Keruing – Apitong.    We buy direct from SE Asia and ship to our warehouses.   Apitong Decking Keruing Decking…… for your Trailer, Truck and Flatbed needs. Why  Take Care of

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Hardwood Trailer Flooring Buy Warehouse Direct

Hardwood Trailer Flooring is a natural Wood Material. Regardless of upkeep it will deteriorate with use and time. At Kayu International, we have new Keruing Apitong Hardwood Trailer and Truck Flooring for all your needs. Buy direct from our Giant Warehouse and Save! Apitong also known as Keruing has been the choice for many generations and remains popular today because of its longevity and strength. Our warehouse is stocked with Shiplap, Side Rack Material, Rough Lumber Flooring, S4S Boards, E4E Boards, Bullnose Tie Down Slats. Our Giant Warehouse is stocked

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Keruing Truck Decking – Stocked in our Warehouse NOW!!! Shiplap and Rough Truck Decks and Floors

Keruing  Truck and Trailer Decking – Stocked  in our Warehouse now!      Shiplap and Rough Truck Decks and Floors Call us at (503) 5557-7296 or visit our website www.kayuTruckDecking.com   KAYU ® International, Inc. offers the finest hardwood decking products and also specializes in Keruing  trailer decking for the transportation industry      Keruing /Apitong Shiplap Kering / Apitong In Stock at our warehouse, we offer in lengths from 8’ to 19’ with a face width of 7” The most 7″ and our wood is run with a 3/8″ shiplap, making

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Keruing Truck Decking – Kayu Moved to a New Warehouse / Office

Keruing Truck Decking – Kayu Moved to a New Warehouse / Office We are proud to announce we have moved to a new warehouse/office located in Tigard, OR. With the demands of an ever changing market, we feel the very best way we can continue to offer the highest quality hardwood decking products and further service our customers is to have our full team and inventory under one roof.  The warehouse is stocked with Keruing/Apitong truck decking. Though the benefits of the move are seemingly endless, we are most excited

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Trailer Decking Specialists use Keruing

Trailer Decking Specialists use Keruing Hardwoods  – Trailer and Truck Decking Repair Keruing is the leading hardwood in use today for truck and trailer decking. Kayu International is a wholesaler of hardwood trailer decking, from shiplap and rough lumber, to custom specialty patterns. We serve the U.S. transportation industry for truck and trailer decking and deliver Keruing throughout the U.S. and Canada. For over 30 years, Kayu International has imported the highest quality hardwoods into the U.S. – from exotic hardwoods for the commercial construction and home improvement industry, to our purpose-focused

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Keruing / Apitong is the best conforming wood available on the market for truck trailer decking needs

KAYU ® International – trained professionals, “the wood experts”.  Apitong / Keruing is in Stock and ready for quick delivery.  Keruing / Apitong is the best conforming wood available on the market for truck trailer decking needs. Our Kayu warehouse is stocked with Apitong / Keruing ……and new loads have just been inspected for quality control with Kayu Graders in SE Asia.  March, 2014 in SE Asia and is ready to be shipped to our warehouse. 100% Real Apitong / Keruing 100% Legally Timbered 100% Kayu Inspected   Because Kayu

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