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Trailer Flooring Trailer Decking – Hardwood Products Buy Direct

Kayu Truck Decking and Trailer Decking Material is available for Your Transportation needs. Our Sales Team at KAYU ® International, Inc. are the ‘Wood Experts’. We have been in business for over 20 years of continued success offering our customers Keruing / Apitong hardwood decking from our warehouse. We are able to stock large volumes at our Warehouse; offering, many different sizes for your transportation needs at discounted rates. Whether it is a one-time sale or a long-term relationship, we will offer you the best’s customer service possible and provide

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Hardwood Trailer Flooring Buy Warehouse Direct

Hardwood Trailer Flooring is a natural Wood Material. Regardless of upkeep it will deteriorate with use and time. At Kayu International, we have new Keruing Apitong Hardwood Trailer and Truck Flooring for all your needs. Buy direct from our Giant Warehouse and Save! Apitong also known as Keruing has been the choice for many generations and remains popular today because of its longevity and strength. Our warehouse is stocked with Shiplap, Side Rack Material, Rough Lumber Flooring, S4S Boards, E4E Boards, Bullnose Tie Down Slats. Our Giant Warehouse is stocked

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Trailer Decking – Buy Direct from our Giant Warehouse – Keruing Apitong

TRAILER DECKING- Kayu Truck and Trailer Decking New Containers stocked with KERUING – APITONG HAVE JUST ARRIVED AT OUR GIANT KAYU WAREHOUSE.   Hardwood trailer decking has been a popular choice for generations and remains popular today due to the strength and longevity that hardwoods like Keruing Trailer Decking provide. You’ll see hardwood truck decking in use in applications ranging from restorations of historic trucks and pickups, to railroad flatcars and semi-trailer trucks from old to new. KAYU ® International, Inc. We’ve been in business over 20 years, bringing our customers

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Keruing / Apitong is the best conforming wood available on the market for truck trailer decking needs

KAYU ® International – trained professionals, “the wood experts”.  Apitong / Keruing is in Stock and ready for quick delivery.  Keruing / Apitong is the best conforming wood available on the market for truck trailer decking needs. Our Kayu warehouse is stocked with Apitong / Keruing ……and new loads have just been inspected for quality control with Kayu Graders in SE Asia.  March, 2014 in SE Asia and is ready to be shipped to our warehouse. 100% Real Apitong / Keruing 100% Legally Timbered 100% Kayu Inspected   Because Kayu

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