Keruing Truck Decking – Stocked in our Warehouse NOW!!! Shiplap and Rough Truck Decks and Floors

Keruing  Truck and Trailer Decking – Stocked  in our Warehouse now!      Shiplap and Rough Truck Decks and Floors

Call us at (503) 5557-7296 or visit our website


KAYU ® International, Inc. offers the finest hardwood decking products and also specializes in Keruing  trailer decking for the transportation industry



 Keruing /Apitong Shiplap Kering / Apitong

In Stock at our warehouse, we offer in lengths from 8’ to 19’ with a face width of 7” The most 7″ and our wood is run with a 3/8″ shiplap, making it 7-3/8″.

Inquire about our custom sizes and patterns that we can outsource directly from SE Asia.


 S4S E4E Boards, Side Rack Material         Our warehouse is stocked with 1×3, 1×4 and 1×6 in and ready for quick delivery.


Keruing Truck Decking
Keruing Truck Decking


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