Keruing Truck Decking – Buy Direct from our Warehouse KERUING APITONG DECKING

warehouseKeruing Truck Decking – Buy Direct from our Warehouse    KERUING APITONG DECKING

New Containers stocked with KERUING – APITONG HAVE JUST ARRIVED AT OUR WAREHOUSE.    Hardwood trailer decking has been a popular choice for generations and remains popular today due to the strength and longevity that hardwoods like Keruing Trailer Decking provide. You’ll see hardwood truck decking in use in applications ranging from restorations of historic trucks and pickups, to railroad flatcars and semi-trailer trucks from old to new.


KAYU ® International, Inc.  We’ve been in business over 20 years, bringing our customers highest quality and prices for Keruing – Apitong.    We buy direct from SE Asia and ship to our warehouse.   Apitong Decking Keruing Decking for your Trailer and Truck.

Truck Decking    Trailer Decking   sell direct from our warehouse.  Call for a quote  KERUING APITONG TRUCK DECKING.

Apitong, also known as Keruing is available for quick shipping.

Shiplap is available in lengths from 8’ to 22’ available in 1 1/8 x 7 and 3/8 x 7. 

S4S, E4E, Rough Lumber Flooring…..    Kayu can also work with our Mills to provide custom sizes. Buying direct from the source, Kayu offers the highest quality and best prices.  Call us for a quote:

Ask for one of our Sales Specialist:  Chad, Natalie or Gina   (503) 557-7296   KERUING APITONG TRUCK DECKING

Real Wood, Real Beauty, Real Easy™

Keruing Apitong Kayu Warehouse 2014
Keruing Apitong Kayu Warehouse 2014

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