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KAYU Truck Decking  Apitong Keruing
KAYU Truck Decking Apitong Keruing

KAYU International, Inc. with over 20 continuous years of successful business is a globally recognized leader of premium, imported hardwood decking, Truck and Trailer Decking.

KAYU buys direct from the source in SE Asia, we specialize in providing custom patterns and sizes at the best prices and delivered to you.

Offering our customers highest quality and prices for Keruing – Apitong.    We buy direct from SE Asia and ship to our warehouses.   Apitong Decking Keruing Decking…… for your Trailer, Truck and Flatbed needs.

Why  Take Care of Your Truck Decking, Trailer Decking, Flatbed Decking?

Our KAYU Warehouse:  We have consolidated a few of our Warehouses into one large warehouse that is located in Tigard, Oregon.  With the demands of an ever changing market, we feel the very best way we can continue to offer the highest quality hardwood decking products and further service our customers is to have our full team and inventory under one roof.

The KAYU Warehouse is fully stocked with Keruing trailer decking and truck decking. They are being sold directly from the warehouse and as we buy directly from SE Asia, more discounts are being forwarded to our customers. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!!


Why Take Care of Your Truck Decking and Trailer Decking?

Taking Care of your Truck Deck and Trailer Deck is important because the decking is typically exposed to many weather and climate elements throughout the year.  This exposure is generally where the flooring would suffer weather-related damages. Hence, in order to preserve the properties of your Apitong wood, I would recommend you to take good care of your truck and trailer decking by regularly reviewing all the wooden surfaces.

Paying Attention

It’s important to pay special attention over the horizontal surfaces of your decking as they are the places which are much more exposed to the weather influences when compared to the vertical ones. The most important external elements that would affect the strength as well as the appearance of the wood are the fluctuating climatic conditions like:

  • Sun
  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Snow
  • Polluted Air

Wood’s Natural Behavior:

As wood is a hygroscopic material, it would naturally take-on and give-off water in order to balance with its surrounding environment. This behavior of wood might be responsible for few of the problems that are encountered when your wood dries. For instance, cracks or checks could result from the stresses that are induced in the wood that is drying. Besides moisture, high temperature might also damage your truck decking and trailer decking floors. Damage of this kind would typically take the form of shrinkage to the face of your decking. This would result in larger than normal spacing between the boards. This can also be accompanied by the concave cupping of your Keruing – Apitong decking.


Other Sources of Truck Decking and Trailer Decking Damage:

One other major source of damage to the Keruing – Apitong Decking will be sunlight. This could damage the cellular structure of your wood and the UV rays would breakdown the materials that are holding the wood fibers together. Also, you have to keep in mind that your wood will adjust as per the surroundings.

Final Thoughts:

There are several steps taken during the manufacture of your truck and trailer boards and Kayu offers you with those boards that are properly seasoned. There is no doubt about it! However, your truck and trailer decking has the potential to change its dimensions after installation if the appropriate conditions are present. And hence, it is important to understand that the extreme swings in climatic conditions during summer and winter could adversely affect your trailer decking. Take good care of your invaluable decking and increase its longevity!


Truck Decking    Trailer Decking   sell direct from our warehouse.  Available in our Warehouse NOW!!! 

Call us with your questions.  Ask for one of our Sales Specialist:  Natalie, Ashley,  Gina or Chad    Phone: (888) 558-5298   Local: (503) 557-7296

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