Keruing - Apitong Truck Decking

Kayu commands the purchasing cycle, delivering the best Keruing – Apitong and prices

KAYU ® International, Inc. commands  the purchasing cycle from manufacturing to delivery and is among the highest quality in the industry, delivering the best Keruing – Apitong and prices directly to our customers.

KAYU ® International, Inc. offers the finest hardwood decking products and today specializes in trailer decking for the transportation industry.  .

The entire production at Kayu International is handled by our Kayu team.  With more than 30 years in the wood industry, Steve Wilson, President of KAYU ® International, makes an average of 3 trips to Asia a year to discuss strategy and quality with the Asian Mill owners and our Kayu Asia team.

Before leaving the Mills in Asia, the wood is inspected by Kayu’s personal graders for quality control.   Once approved, the wood is exported to United States.

Upon arrival at one of our warehouses, the wood is inspected again for quality control by our warehouse Manager.

Because Kayu International, Inc.  commands the whole process from start to finish, the end result is that our customers are provided with great wood, best prices and delivered to you.


Keruing - Apitong Truck Decking
Steve Wilson, President of Kayu, personally inspecting Keruing – Apitong March 2014 South East Asia


Real Wood, Real Beauty, Real Easy™

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