Is Your Horse Trailer Floor Strong & Durable Enough?

Horse  Truck & Trailer Flooring


KAYU ® Keruing / Apitong™    

Kayu® International is a Direct Importer of hardwood Horse trailer flooring, from shiplap and rough lumber to custom specialty patterns. We serve the U.S. transportation industry for horse truck and trailer flooring and deliver Keruing throughout the U.S. and Canada. For over 30 years, Steve Wilson, president, and owner of Kayu International has led the Kayu Team, importing Keruing and the highest quality hardwoods. From exotic hardwoods used for commercial construction and the home improvement industry to our purpose-focused Trailer and Truck Flooring – Keruing wood.

Delivered Directly to your Home or Work Site across the U.S.A. & Canada


Factors to Consider:  Horse Trailer Flooring


There are several factors that you should consider when choosing the flooring type for your next trailer.


Horse Truck & Trailer Flooring
KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing)™ Horse Truck & Trailer Flooring

Durability:  First off – durability.  Make sure that the material is going to be able to stand the test of time and provide trusted strength year-after-year.  Believe it or not, some trailers are made with basic plywood floors, which can easily rot when moisture is introduced.  This is just one example of a flooring type that is not durable and certainly not safe. Let’s remember that horses are heavy animals that produce lots of manure, stomp their feet, and create highly acidic urine.  This urine will break down the flooring material over time if not properly maintained and regularly cleaned.

Heat Transfer:  Next, consider heat transfer.  The inside of your horse trailer can act like an oven in the summertime so it’s important that your flooring material isn’t contributing to the problem.  If the floor is made of a conductive material, then heat is transferred from the road directly into your horse’s hooves.  (Watch out: Aluminum flooring is extremely conductive!)

Noise & Vibration Transfer:  Noise and vibration are the next factors to consider.  Some materials do a better job of dampening noise and vibration from the road.  Vibration transferred into your horse’s legs will cause fatigue while noise will add to their overall stress level.  Both are things you want to avoid when traveling to an important event.

Maintenance:  Some trailers require a mat and some don’t.  During cleaning, these heavy mats need to be removed, the floor hosed down, allowed to dry fully, and then mats replaced.  This is a bit of a hassle after a long day on the road, but failure to clean properly will cause some flooring types to corrode faster.

Cost:  Last of all, we will consider cost.  Yes, some materials are less expensive, but if this comes at the price of safety, then we really aren’t interested in saving a few bucks.

Why Buy KAYU ® International?  One of the largest and longest-serving wood decking and flooring specialists of the world, Kayu® International. Inc. provides KAYU® Keruing for our customers.  KAYU® International uses authentic Keruing / Apitong wood imported only from the South East Asian countries. Asian KAYU mill graders, provide all our inspections of wood and have decades of training in the wood industry.  The KAYU team understands the importance of the quality of the wood, and precise manufacturing care. With this level of experience and success, you can be reassured that you will be getting the products you need and the service you deserve.

Kayu ® International, Inc. has large inventories in U.S. on both the West and East Coast.  We are ready to ship!

For more information about Kayu® International, Inc. and the services/products we offer, you can visit our official website through this link www.kayutruckdecking.com or Kayu.com. Based in the USA we can offer you the best solutions possible at affordable prices.

Horse Truck & Trailer Flooring


Delivered Directly to your Home or Work Site across the U.S.A.


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