KAYU® International Team

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” –Andrew Carnegie
image of Kayu team at SE Asia Strategic Meeting

KAYU Strategic Business Meetings (SE Asia – 2014)

“A team is a reflection of its leader.” ― Sunday Adelaja

Steven P Wilson – President

Over 35 years as an industry leader importing and marketing wood products from South East Asia, Central America, South America and New Zealand. Instrumental with his position of General Manager at leading previous employer to the premier importer of wood products globally with sales of over $38 million annually.  Steve started KAYU International, Inc. in 1994 where he remains actively involved heading up sales and purchasing; with over 100 trips to SE Asia and numerous trips to Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, El Salvador and Costa Rica, building solid personal relationships with suppliers. Steve is fluent in Indonesian and Spanish.

image of Steve Wilson, President and Owner of Kayu International, Inc.

Steve Wilson, President and Owner of Kayu International, Inc.

Robin Lynn Wilson, MBA – VP of  Marketing

Energetic, highly motivated, results focused with a proven track record of more than 20 years of Project Management and consulting with fortune 500 companies for complex system implementations.  Joining the KAYU International team in 2007 and utilizing her broad-based competencies, facilitates the “behind-the scenes” marketing and development solutions for both USA and International based relationships. 2018 marks more than 30 trips to Asia, demonstrating commitment and loyalty.  Working in partnership with husband, Steve Wilson, is positively regarded in the Asian culture and the long legacy of Family Owned mill suppliers that Steve has been working exclusively with since KAYU International’s inception.

image of KAYU President & Owner Steve Wilson and Wife Robin Lynn Wilson, VP of Marketing

President & Owner Steve Wilson & Wife Robin Wilson,VP of Marketing

Sudi Soh – Indonesia | Malaysia VP of Purchasing for Kayu

Kayu Exclusive Graders:  Based in Indonesia:

  • Sufandi
  • Adi Winarno
  • Aspan Thamrin Nasution

Shipping Document assistant: Based in Indonesia:

  • Erick
Sudi Soh VP of Purchasing

Sudi Soh VP of Purchasing

Natalie Smith – Sales Territory Manager

Dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated, Natalie holds a business degree from Oregon State University.  After several years gaining experience in sales, marketing and management in other industries, she joined the KAYU team in 2011. Her main roles include overseeing Sales, Marketing and Account management. She speaks Spanish and has traveled and lived all over the world.

image of Natalie Smith – Sales & Marketing

Natalie Smith – Sales Territory Manager

Steven Schlesser, Sales Territory Manager

Steven Schlesser

Steven Schlesser – Sales Territory Manager

Debbie McPherson – Sales Professional

A highly motivated professional who possesses well-developed communication and interpersonal skills, Debbie holds a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication from Oregon State University. She utilizes her in-depth knowledge of strategic relationship development and marketing experience combined with her confidence, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence to contribute to the overall success of Kayu international.

Debbie Mcpherson - Sales Professional

Debbie Mcpherson – Sales Professional

Brian Sebru, MBA – Finance Manager

Consistent and dedicated to managing Kayu finances and operational needs. Brian has an MBA from Oregon State University and has a broad set of professional skills. At Kayu, he handles projects related to growth and continuous business improvement.

Brian Serbu

Brian Serbu, MBA – Finance Manager

Alicia Stewart – Office Administrator:  

The friendly face you’ll see as you enter the door, Alicia is always ready to help. She is hard working and involved in many of Kayu’s ongoing projects.

Alicia Stewart -

Alicia Stewart – Office Administrator

Alfredo “Fred” Sanchez – Warehouse

Industry knowledgeable, energetic and focused on delivery of our constant and demanding shipping needs. He is well versed with KAYU International products, shipping and handling of the lumber. Filled with energy, precision and committed to excellence. Fred is an instrumental KAYU team contributor for our overall success.

Alfredo "Fred"  Sanchez

Alfredo “Fred” Sanchez

Joseph Yang – Warehouse

Enthusiastic about working for Kayu, he is always on the move in the warehouse. Chris is a valuable member of the warehouse who pulls and prepares orders, and helps keep Kayu running smoothly,

Joseph Yang - Warehouse

Joseph Yang – Warehouse

“The ability of a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people pull together as a team.” ― Simon Sinek