Day: May 3, 2018

Robin Wilson

KAYU® Apitong (Keruing)™ Truck & Trailer Flooring

KAYU®-Apitong (Keruing)™ is the leading hardwood in  use today for truck and trailer flooring. Offering the best durability, value and life expectancy. Our Apitong is a carefully selected hardwood; the result of over 30 years of extensive worldwide importing of hardwoods for the U.S. and Canadian markets. Apitong is the Leading Hardwood for Truck & Trailer Flooring: Rough Sawn Lumber  Shiplap S4S Tie Down Slats T&G Bullnose KAYU® Apitong hardwood is the toughest truck and trailer Flooring material of any kind. Optimized for Strength and Durability, providing strength up to

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